OMG and Oksana Enrichment

Oksana Foundation was founded by Oksana Kolesnikova, a renowned pianist, composer, entrepreneur. Oksana Foundation is a part of Oksana Management Group that offers music lessons, academic tutoring, foreign languages and a variety of other enrichment programs for kids of all ages through Oksana Enrichment Programs.

Oksana Enrichment Franchise

Oksana Teaching Class EnrichmentSuccessfully established in numerous schools and expanding nationally, Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers private, one-on-one lessons in the following areas:

  • Music Lessons (including piano, singing/voice, guitar, violin, drums and more)
  • Foreign Languages (including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and others)
  • K-12 Academic Tutoring in All Subjects

We provide our services Online and in-person anywhere in the US and abroad!

Furthering our mission, Oksana® Enrichment Programs offers franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs in the private education sector. We provide a thoroughly-developed program of training, materials and personal support that aligns with our exceptional brand.

OMG TutoringFrom K-12 academic tutoring and foreign language instruction to premium music lessons and much more, OMG, Inc. is your one-stop-shop solution for your child’s scholastic enrichment. We offer families professional educational services online (anywhere in the US) and in-person (Los Angeles County) that transform students into over-achievers, including private tutoring which covers subjects ranging from English to Math and homework help and even Test Prep.

When school’s out and it’s time to continue your child’s foray into academic excellence, OMG, Inc. offers a FUN and educational Summer Camp regimen that ensures every youngster’s downtime is spent in a constructive, continually-evolving way. And, if that wasn’t enough, we also work with a myriad of local schools to provide After-School Enrichment Programs designed to make every student – regardless of their skill level – into shining stars.


Programs & Services we offer at OMG, Inc.

1) Music lessons (piano, guitar/bass/ukulele, singing/voice, drums, violin)
2) Foreign Languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Farsi, Hebrew, Mandarin)
3) K-12 Academic Tutoring (Homework help, English, Spanish, Math, Algebra, Writing, Reading, Test prep)
4) Art (Drawing, Painting)
5) Acting, Drama, Theater
6) Dance, Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts
7) Animation
8) Chess
9) Financial Literacy
10) Summer Camps


Experience today what it means to provide your child
with a higher level of education through OMG, Inc.!

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