Children are our future. I personally, truly enjoy working with children and have been dedicating my life’s mission to them. This is what motivates and drives me to succeed every day!

Through our Non-Profit, Oksana Foundation, our goal is to bring educational opportunities to the underprivileged youth.

It all stems from my own experience; I never dreamed about pursuing my talent and passion due to limited means, when I came to this country in my late teens. It was not until others believed in me and gave me the opportunity to pursue a higher education. And that has changed my life!

I am driven to duplicate the same experience by making a positive difference in young people’s lives, who otherwise could not afford it! I want to bring out the talent in each underprivileged child, so it can be nurtured, cultivated and utilized to better the world around them.

I thank all of you who believe and see my vision and decide to join me in this journey of truly making a difference!

Yours Truly,

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